Meeting this guy named Pramit

It isn’t enough to think outside the box. Thinking is passive. Get used to acting outside the box.-Mahatma Gandhi.People who think differently truly exist and it always good to interact with them.I was gulping down my food when this guy called up.Let me tell you something about this guy.He was a junior in my college and his name is Pramit Chettri.To be very honest I can hardly remember when I last met him.It was 8 in evening when he finally arrived.He looked way different.We had our dinner and finally sat down for talks.It has been a long time since I met anyone from my college .As he was still pursuing his course I rushed at him with many questions at once. He was befuddled.He answered all my questions *smiles.At last I asked him regarding his future plans.I was really very impressed by the answer I got.He had remarkable plans.He wanted to improve the existing education system and was very optimistic about it.As we talked more I came to know about lot of things.I forgot to mention above he is pursuing law.Dreaming high is very easy but working hard to achieve it is not.To my surprise Pramit had already started his work to make his dream a reality.He met with many high profile lawyers one of them being Ashok Arora.If you are not aware of him I would like to tell you that Ashok Arora is the former secretary of Supreme Court Bar Association (India), author of a number of articles and books. He has practical experience of thirty-five years in the arena of spirituality, law practice, teaching, motivation, personality development, stress management and communication skills.
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Pramit had organised a legal awareness lecture on 1st September 2015 in law College moot court hall Burtuk as well.
When I asked him more about it .He said “as my 1st interactive program was concerned,
I was in a view to facilitate interaction of law students with those of legal professional,
and discussion on current burning issues to gain some insight about contemporary legal issues.
I feel that every professional should share their experience with the students of their respective educational background so that student can explore the practical understanding and scope of their concerned field.”

My final question to him was “How will it affect the society”?
He smiled and said “To be frank and realistic I don’t feel this will affect the society in any large scale, but what I feel is being a law student in 21 yrs of age it will help change the mindset of students to evolve individually and therefore it will make students realize that individual evolution is more purposeful than political revolution. Changing the mindset of students will impact the society indirectly.


Pramit I really appreciate your ingenious plans and I have a strong feeling that you will achieve your dream sooner or later.Keep up your good work.I wish you lots of luck.

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  • Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant- there is no such thing. Making your unknown known is the important thing- and keeping the unknown always beyond you. – Georgia O’keeffe. Pramit is indeed an inspiration and a lively motivation to many of us. a great piece, Anurag!


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