World has donned a befuddling dress of conspiracy.Truth has masked it under illusions keeping itself at bay.Recent revelations have created an atmosphere of confusion.The authenticity  of  history has been challenged.So have we been fooled our entire life?

I was reading an interesting article about “Paradise Papers” which has been documented by International Consortium of Journalists.These documents seems  to contain the truth behind every single aspect of the apparent reality.There are many shocking revelations  about celebs,politicians etc. made by these documents.Why are these revelations made now? Why did they keep the truth concealed?Were they looking for the right moment to disclose it?Is it a  work of illuminati ,a secret society ,assumed to control the greatest powers of human world? Or is it the work of Satan?We might never know.

I have always been curious about the conspiracy theories.Though the authenticity of the information contained in these theories might not be completely valid however the revelations it  makes has always intrigued me.Many believe these are baseless and completely misleading.Unfortunately,we might never know whether it is true or is it just a conjecture.

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