The concept of Hegemony

“Humanity is the quality of being humane”-a standard definition.This is the only thing that distinguishes humans from other living creatures.We are supposed to be kind-hearted,compassionate,understanding etc.Unfortunately,the world is engulfed in trends that is pushing out ” quality of being humane ” from Humanity slowly and stealthily.Hegemony is quietly taking over the world.No one was born with special accolades making the person superior over others.Humans classified themselves into groups based on religion,caste,color etc.Perhaps the introduction of hegemony into humanity remains a mystery.Though much of the population have realized that equality and peace are the two ways to earn happiness however there  are many who have not.Keep your life simple.Do the thing you want to.The greed of power has increased to its greatest extent.Rich get their say in everything while poor are suppressed.Sadly,this is how the world is functioning.We do not have an eternity to live,so how can we afford our time for things like hegemony.Power can make you blind and happy as well for a very short time.Help others,inculcate selflessness in your behaviour to live a peaceful life with no regrets.

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