The Quintessential Auto driver

After a dull and monotonous 10 hours of work,I rushed out of my work floor in a lightening speed.I realized it was already late. It  was  11pm.I usually prefer travelling  by metro over auto.As it was  already very late with the metro services closed,I had no other option but to travel by auto rickshaw.No sooner had i opted this mode of travel than i came to know there was no direct auto to  my place of stay.I must change it twice.I took the first auto rickshaw and embarked the journey towards my room.I got down  after paying the auto rickshaw driver double the amount he would have charged me in daylight.They follow a trend of charging a higher amount at nights which has always befuddled me,so without giving it much thought i paid him the money and moved on.I checked the time on my phone and started looking around for auto rickshaws.I  was giving some thought to booking a cab online as it was midnight.To my surprise, there was an auto rickshaw driver calling out for passengers and may i add,” at midnight “. I hurried up to his auto rickshaw and occupied  a seat.Sadly, i was the first passenger.Half an hour passed by,no one popped up.With this pace i was not going to reach home until morning.After 40 minutes of “curiously” waiting, my patience finally gave up.With no other options left,i booked that auto rickshaw by paying an amount 5 times the normal fare.What happened next was shocking and scary as well.The driver rolled a joint,smoked it completely and started the engine.At this point of time,many thoughts started popping up into my mind.Not sure if i made a great decision by booking the auto rickshaw , we started off.

He(Driver) Revved up the engine to its full capacity.What is the only thing that one can expect from an intoxicated driver behind the wheels? Cut to the chase, it is death.On the contrary,he seemed to be confident and i swear to God,I am not making this up,we overtook a BMW car which was indeed running at a good pace.We were doing well beyond 90kmph proving the stereotypes wrong.The way he cut through the traffic was simply outstanding.I was no longer afraid rather i started enjoying my ride.At times,there would be two large vehicles  running parallel to each other covering the entire width  of the road leaving a very narrow space between them, my driver did not slow down,instead he revved up the engine and got through the narrow space.I have no hell of an idea how did he manage to do that but yes he did. Finally i reached my destination pretty much earlier than  what i expected it to be.He took the money,counted it and took off  with his eye red like a tomato.Scary but one hell lot of a ride it was.

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