Peace of Mind

Look at yourself in the mirror.Try to determine the feelings radiated out by your face.Do you find it sad? Do you find it happy? Technology has bettered our lives undoubtedly.We are able to do things now which seemed impossible earlier.However it could not give us the most sought after thing,”Peace of Mind”.We try every possible ways to attain it,unfortunately most of us fail.Power,greed,money,hatred have made it non existent.

In order to attain  “Peace of Mind”, you need to control your thoughts.Everything you do has to be balanced completely.Our minds are obssesed with thoughts which prevent us from enjoying the present.Loose your inhibitions,try to learn from every experiences you make in  life.The first step,you need to take in order to acheive a peaceful mind is to stop overthinking.There is no point of contemplating something that has already passed or is yet to come.Human brains are cautious and will try to create an atmosphere of mixed thoughts.Some may call it Satan.Though the world we live in expects everything  to be done in a lightening speed,it is recommended to accomplish your tasks at a normal pace.Complete your tasks slowly and steadily.This helps a great deal in stablizing your mind.The second step is to avoid negative thoughts.It cannot be achieved overnight but is a process that can take time to inculcate into your habits.Surround yourself with optimistic minds.The last step perhaps the most important one is to ensure a sound health.Consume nutrient rich foods,avoid consumption  of junk foods or completely stop it,ensure your body gets adequate sleep and involve yourself in activities like yoga.Consumption of alchol and smoking should be avoided as well.A healthy body is the best breeding ground for a healthy mind.

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