Is Google Chrome a memory hogger?

Google Chrome is one of the fastest and most used browsers with 68.01% of market dominance. Of late, we noticed google community forums flooded with queries of memory hogging. Though Google has not defined a clear solution to it however their engineers are onto something that might reduce this in the future.

How can you check if google chrome is taking much of your memory?

The easiest way to check this would be on the task manager. You can use the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Esc on your keyboard. You would notice a large number of processes linked to Google chrome.  I tested this on my system with 10 tabs opened at the same time.

It shows that I have 33 processes of Google Chrome running simultaneously which is clearly more than the tabs opened.

Why does it show many processes?

The processes belong to extensions and plugins that you have installed or embedded on your browser. If you want to know the memory usage of each extension or the google chrome processes, open up the chrome task manager. The shortcut would be Ctrl +ESC. This will show you the memory usage of each of the individual process of Google chrome.

How can I reduce this?

To date, there is no fixed solution to it. However, if you find your chrome hogging a greater part of your memory, I would suggest removing outdated extensions and plugins from it. This does help reduce the count of chrome processes. Close the unused browser tab as it drains your memory usage as well.


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