What is wrong with Windows Mail App

With the recent May2020 update, Windows seems to have a tough time following up and fixing things. The onset of the update led to software errors which Windows did acknowledge however there has been no resolution pushed out yet. Here, we would be talking about Windows Mail App. If you are using it to access your Gmail account, you should be no stranger to the “invisibility of attachments” issue. In order to access those attachments, you would have to log in to Gmail over the browser. Google and Windows have both acknowledged the issue and are working towards fixing it. There is no ETA for it.

I assumed it to be the only issue in Windows Mail. Upon research, this was not the end. There is yet another ongoing issue that was reported by some users quite recently.  There were reports of not being able to see any mail that a user has sent in the ‘Sent Mail’ folder. Microsoft confirmed that emails were still being delivered but the sender can not see that they have sent the mail.


So should you use Windows Mail Application?  It depends on how do you categorize the current issue. If you are fine with it, go ahead and connect it to your mail account. It does ease the task of checking your emails and most importantly not missing out on something important. Comparing to opening up a browser and accessing your emails, it is easier to access it on Windows Mail App. I hope Windows rolls out a fix soon not just a mere workaround.

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