Intel releases new update for its graphic drivers

Intel releases new update for its graphic driver version and with it, Intel confirmed of fixing performance and crashing issues. You can download the latest driver from official website of Intel. You can access the page here.

If you have a Non-DCH graphic driver, you would not be able to install the latest update. Your OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) uses customer drivers to run Intel components . Intel cannot update such drivers. If you attempt to install generic Intel Graphics Driver replacing the customer version of OEM that you system was equipped with might cause technical issue. You can reach out to your Computer Manufacturer for the latest driver.

Depending on the system configuration, errors might vary. Intel has a list of workarounds for it. You can check  it here.

As per the “Windows Latest” . Intel is currently aware of the following known issues in this release:

  • Green artifacts when you preview composition in Adobe After Effects.
  • Sony Catalyst Production Suite may crash.
  • Minor graphics anomalies Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege (Vulkan), Battlefield V (DX12), Rage 2 (Vulkan), Star Wars Battlefront 2 (DX12), and Rise of the Tomb Raider (DX12).


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