Hardware-Accelerated GPU scheduling in Windows

You can now opt-in for Hardware-Accelerated GPU scheduling in Windows. Follow this path Settings -> System -> Display -> Graphics Settings. If you have an older version running, you would need to upgrade with the recent May2020  update.

This comes in as opted-out by default. Enough with the buzzword “Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling”.Let’s understand what is it actually.

What is Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling?

Prior to the introduction of this feature, all the work would be submitted to GPU directly. With all the overhead,  GPU would then execute the work on a first-come, first-serve basis. This was helpful when we had simpler graphic work and games running one at a time on a full screen. With newer applications demanding better graphics and animation from a GPU,  it became necessary for the system to prioritize GPU work.  This marked the beginning of GPU scheduling. Though Windows had introduced WDDM(Windows Display Driver Model) for GPU scheduling quite a long time back, Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling was recently inducted with May2020 Update. Windows can now offload the work to a dedicated GPU. However, it still holds the right to control the prioritization and offloads the high-frequency tasks to the GPU scheduling processor.


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