Things to know if you are planning to buy Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung had recently launched its flagship phones s20,s20+, and s20 Ultra.  With a high spec sheet, it does appear to be power-packed. In this blog, I am going to talk about S20 which has a fantastic display with a 120 Hz of refresh rate, undoubtedly raises its bar against other flagship phones, and would not entail its exact specifications. But, does it really perform.  It does not come cheap and has a pretty steep price tag of 70K.  So, you might want to read this if you are planning to give it a try.

Samsung Galaxy S20 has two variants, first would be a global variant that has an Exynos processor and the second is the Snapdragon variant which is currently available in the US only. As per the latest reports, apparently, Snapdragon Variant has been introduced to South Korean markets as well.  The ones that are up on are the Exynos variant.  It goes without saying that the Snapdragon processor is the best when it comes to smartphones. Does Exynons, stand a chance against it? Though I prefer using snapdragon, I wanted to give Exynos a try to check how well does it perform.

After using the phone for a week, you could easily figure out the difference. Exynos processor has actual CPU cores unlike Snapdragon, and when it comes to performance under heavy usage, it simply does not stand a chance.  If you are gaming on Exynos processor, it heats up after a few minutes of usage which would eventually make your phone laggy and drain your battery life. The bootup time is slow as well and does take a noticeable time for the features to be ready. If you are a gamer,  this is definitely not what you are looking for.

On checking the phone for connectivity related issues, it apparently struggles to auto-switch to a different WIFI signal which was already saved on the device. So you will have to manually switch to your saved networks and is a tiresome process.  We then tried to make calls over WhatsApp, Messenger, and other apps that use the internet rather than your mobile network, and shockingly, it has a latency and to some extent, your voice would not go through to the other end or would be feeble enough to make you repeat. This can be a frustrating experience if you are a frequent user of app calls. Until now, we could not find anything which could make us believe in its tag of the flagship.

After being let down by the heating and connectivity issue, we moved on to cameras. We started with night photography, undoubtedly it does great work in low lights and has very little noise in it.  Pictures taken in daylight are very detailed and have a good color balance.   So, if you are more into smartphone photography rather than games, it is worth a buy.  It has an excellent Dynamic AMOLED display which is curved at the edges. So if you are anywhere in the globe but the US, South Korea and want to buy this phone, you would want to check the processor linked to it. If you have an option for the Snapdragon Variant, go for it.

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