Windows acknowledges yet another flaw

Windows 10 saw its May2020 update quite recently which was expected to do away with the ongoing issues. Of late, there have been posts on their forums speaking of a fake connection error. Windows has finally acknowledged it and hopefully would fix this.

What exactly is this bug?

Windows displays a yellow triangle on your connection icon when it detects no internet. With the latest update, things seem to go haywire with Windows displaying a “no internet” error even with a flawless internet on the connection. Users are still able to access webpages without any hassle. This faulty error display apparently has bothered the Windows community to a great extent. Though the internet was accessible, some users further reported connectivity error with Microsoft based voice assistant Cortana, Spotify, Teams as well. Things do not seem to be in favor of Windows currently with a new bug discovered quite frequently. There has been no time frame shared as to when would this be fixed.



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